Jack Ring

A creative, well rounded web developer.

About Jack

My professional career started in 1994 when I graduated from The Art Institute of Dallas with my Associates of Applied Arts Degree. I wanted to be a Graphic Designer. So that is what I did.

Shortly after that I was able to start a job as a digital printing press operator. Not exactly Graphic design, but it got me in the door. This taught me that I have a knack for fixing things and an understanding how processes work together to make an overall system work. I then moved from running the press to handling pre-press. Finally got to do some design. This taught me the ins and out of prepping files for printing. Fast forward a little and I was managing production, teaching others the skills I had learned, and building my first website before moving on to try my hand at entrepreneurship.

I then spent the next 7 years helping companies with their graphic design needs. Graphic design for print was paying the bills, but I knew I needed to expand. So, I started to learn more about the web. I had a handle on HTML, CSS was new and easy for me to understand, so I focused on PHP and MySQL. I worked to learn it building anything I could think of. Luckily I was also able to find a few clients who needed sites that allowed me to use some of my skills. At this point I am comfortable with Graphic Design and building out basic sites with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

Personally, during all this time, I got married and had a child. This lead me to the next phase. Working for myself was fun and helped me learn a lot, but was not the most stable financially. I decided to do some temp work through an agency which lead to my next position. They needed someone to build Flash banners for lead generation. The next thing I know 5 years have passed (It was a 2 week contract) and I'm now directing technology for the company. I've learned a great deal about the web, servers, and other technology.

For the last 5 years, I have been with Biscotti, Inc. Biscotti was a fully funded startup which unfortunately ceased operations recently. During my tenure there, I held a Sr. Web Developer title. In addition to performing web development and managing AWS servers, I also handled all the graphic design (Logo, packaging, marketing banners, email design, etc.). Biscotti have me the opportunity to increase my skills as well as adding some new languages to the mix including Node.js & Swift

Now I'm moving on to the next segment of my professional career. If you are in need of someone with my skills, don't hesitate to contact me. I am sure I can help.


Languages & Frameworks



Adobe Creative Suite
Affinity Designer
Filemaker Pro
Sequel Pro

Other Things I've Worked With

Amazon Web Services
Banner Ad Design
Creative and Art Direction
Database Design
Email Design
Flow Player
Google Adsense
Google Adwords
Google Analytics
JW Player
Kamailio SIP Server Setup
Print Design & Production
Production Management
Project Management
Stripe Payment Processing
Wowza Streaming Server


Biscotti, Inc, Allen, TX
01/2012 - 07/2017
Sr. Web Developer, Creative Director, Tech Lead
I held the title of “Sr. Web Developer” at Biscotti, Inc. I use this term loosely as my responsibilities went far beyond this moniker. I design and code the website as well as all marketing materials. I have also designed and developed the back end system for integration with the company’s products. On top of code development, I manage all servers, and databases hosted on Amazon Web Services. This includes creating EC2 instances, installing and configuring of LAMP and LEMP stacks, SIP server, and CardDav/CalDav server.
  • Designed and coded company public website (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CodeIgniter).
  • Created custom shopping cart with Stripe payment integration. (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery).
  • Architect, Design, and code customer camera management backend to allow for realtime settings changes, contact management, live video streaming, etc. (PHP, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, MySQL, CodeIgniter).
  • Architect and code internal portal for managing devices, service billing, order management, etc. (PHP, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, MySQL, jQuery, CodeIgniter).
  • Custom service signup scripts for customers with Stripe payment processing integration (PHP, Javascript).
  • Architected and coded node.js websocket server which is used by Biscotti cameras and iOS app to get configuration and real-time settings (Node.js, MySQL, Redis).
  • Managed Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, Route55, S3, SES).
  • Set up Apache, NGINX, Kamailio, CardDav/CalDav, REST, and Websocket servers.
  • Designed architecture and wrote all code for Biscotti app for iPhone (Swift).
  • Reduced server costs by 88% by migrating services to Amazon Web Services.
  • Design company logo and all packaging and marketing materials.
  • Design & code marketing emails.
  • Created banner ads for Google ad campaigns.
  • Performed website traffic analysis.
  • Managed adwords and other retargeting banner campaigns.
Enversa Companies, Dallas, TX
06/2007 - 01/2012
Director of Technology
  • Code custom web applications using PHP, MySQL, Javascript & HTML
  • Design, or direct the design of internal and client website projects.
  • Design and code custom landing pages and forms used in lead generation.
  • Work with company ownership to develop marketing strategy and collateral materials.
  • Work with company ownership and other team members to research and develop new technologies.
  • Work with media-buyer to help with technical issues of media campaigns.
  • Analyze data for media-buyer and vp of operations to aid in client presentations.
  • Manage 3rd party systems for tracking and gathering affiliate lead data.
  • Troubleshoot client and vendor technical problems.
  • Generate traffic and acquisition reports.
  • Preflight client banners.
  • Design and/or build-out flash banners.
  • Design and/or build-out landing pages.
  • Design and/or build-out web pages.
  • Work with customer services & vendor services to optimize the campaign launch process.
  • Build new systems to aid in the ease and speed of campaign launch.
  • Work with clients and vendors to troubleshoot and solve technical problems related to acquisition tracking.
  • Build out and send out small email campaigns.
  • Generate traffic and acquisition reports.
  • Develop new ideas for online assets and plan, design and program those assets.
  • Code out all web sites.
Self Employed
06/2000 - 06/2007
  • Responsible for all operations of business including web development & design, print design
  • and preparation, sales and accounting.
  • Architect, design, program and maintain all customer websites.
  • Design, proof and preflight all client art for print.
  • Develop proposals for customers including scope and cost projections.
  • Work with clients to develop projects to fit within budget.
  • Upkeep all Macintosh and Windows based computers and network.
  • Develop database for job time tracking and billing
Worldwide Digital, Coral Springs, FL
03/1996 - 06/2000
Production Manager / Creative Director
  • Oversee all production in the company.
  • Design or direct all clients’ art designs.
  • Oversee all pre-press for two top-of-the-line digital offset presses, specialization with the Indigo Eprint 1000
and Turbostream.
  • Design and maintain company website.
  • Design all advertising and marketing material.
  • Upkeep all computer systems, servers and networking.
  • Train all new employees workflow and systems.
  • Research and develop systems for new products.



Contact Jack

If you would like to hire me for freelance work or for a position in your organization give me a call at 972-983-3536.